I am a writer, avid reader, and “Bookstore Explorer” represented by Stephen Fraser at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.

What exactly is a “bookstore explorer”? Well, for years I’d been visiting independent bookstores during my travels and documenting them on Instagram when it dawned on me that there’s probably a book in there somewhere. Since I live in West Virginia, in 2018 I set off to visit every store in the state and tell their stories. The resulting project, Bookstore Explorer: West Virginia, was released December 2019. You can follow along with all my bookstore explorations at BookstoreExplorer.com.

While I’ve also written plenty of poetry, lyrics, and some young adult fiction, my next foray was a children’s picture book about urban farming called Chicks and the City, which tells of an adventurous little chicken who travels from the farm to the big city to prove that agriculture can happen anywhere. The book is illustrated by Ashley Belote and was released September 2020 by Headline Books.

My next project is a pop culture book about The Golden Girls TV series: a reference guide explaining all the various jokes about people, places, and culture that were hilarious in the 80s but leave today’s younger viewers scratching their heads. The Definitive Golden Girls Cultural Reference Guide will be released this September by Lyons Press.

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