About Matt Browning

mattbrowningHi, I'm Matt.

I am an author of Young Adult and Children's fiction represented by Stephen Fraser at the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency, who is shopping around my first book, Welcome to Straightville, as well as two other YA books, Blades of Grass and The Art Project, for publication. I also have a free e-read available now called One Way In. It's a prequel to Straightville and part of Brent Hartinger's Real Story Safe Sex Project. I recently completed a children's picture book manuscript called A Chicken in the City, quite a departure from my YA work, but a load of fun to write. You can learn more about all of these projects on my Books page.

I was born and raised in Appalachia, which is where I chose to set Welcome to Straightville and also a scene in Blades of Grass. I did this partly because it's what I know, but more so because it's an underrepresented part of our country. And when it is represented, it's often done so by playing to negative stereotypes. I find that highly annoying.

I began writing creatively at the age of 13, cutting my teeth with poetry, then moving on to short fiction, and dabbling in screenwriting before landing in the illustrious world of fiction. For more about my life and work, try following me on Twitter or Facebook or exploring this site some more.