What is a #bookie?

What is a #bookie?

The folks at Read Aloud West Virginia have taken to social media to spread the word about their important mission of creating a state full of readers. They do great things to encourage reading by and to school-age youth, like providing reading packets and books to schools and organizing volunteer reading programs. 

Their latest venture to raise awareness about reading is to encourage people to share their favorite children's book with a #bookie – a spin on the ever-popular selfie, only with your favorite book in the pic! So when I heard about it, I had to upload the gem you see here. I've been an Oz nerd for as long as I can remember, so the choice of book was easy. However, deciding which copy of the book I own would make the #bookie…well, that was another story. I opted for a well-worn Little Golden Book edition because it's the earliest version I can remember. There's some sentimental value attached to it, and last year, Read Aloud West Virginia contributed to the magazine I edit as part of my "day job" with an article about the importance of reading aloud to kids. Some colleagues and I shared our own favorites. Here's mine:


Check out the full article here, beginning on page 20.

Also, check out Read Aloud West Virginia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and upload your own #bookie! And if you're going to be in or around the Charleston, W.Va., area in March, consider attending ReadAPalooza2015!


2 thoughts on “What is a #bookie?

  1. Matt, thank you for this post. You clearly get Read Aloud's mission and our intentions with the #bookie campaign and I appreciate you conveying both to your readers. I'm also glad you shared the WVSU Extension magazine article! We were so impressed with how the edition turned out and loved the idea to include staff favorites to reinforce the message. Such great stuff all around! Keep up the good work, both at the day job and here. And thank you again.

    Lynn Kessler, Communications and Development

    Read Aloud West Virginia

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