Books as Baby Shower Gifts

Books as Baby Shower Gifts

Lately, I’ve found myself immersed in children’s literature. I primarily write Young Adult fiction, so I’m never too far from books with a youthful slant, but I’m talking about even younger than that. As discussed in this post, the cool folks at Read Aloud West Virginia are all about such books right now, and I was excited when their mission spilled over into my day job.

Then, I started shopping for a couple of good friends who were expecting their first baby. I could’ve gone the traditional route – headed to their online gift registry and picked through the remaining items. But it was already so late in the pregnancy that I imagine all that was left was either really cheap odds and ends or really expensive stuff nobody but their own parents would buy. So I asked myself, what would a writer give as a baby shower gift?

The answer was obvious: children’s books!

Then the fun part started – deciding which books among the zillions out there would make the cut. The first choice was easy, my own personal favorite: The Wizard of Oz. It was doubly easy because the expectant mother and I share a love (obsession?) with all things Oz.

Then I turned mostly to classics: The Velveteen Rabbit, Goodnight Moon, The Giving Tree and Green Eggs and Ham (because all kids need a little Dr. Suess to get them started).

Finally, I threw in a couple more recent books. Toot by Leslie Patricelli, because it’s cute and hilarious and real. And Duck and Goose Colors, because mommy is also a graphic designer and they, you know, like colors and stuff. Don’t they? In the final analysis, I thought it was a nice representation of books to start out with and grow into. 

What about you guys? What would your choices be if giving books to a tiny person just beginning their journey in this world? 

2 thoughts on “Books as Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Great choices! I am sure those will be beloved long after many blankets and bottles have been passed along to someone else. Books are a gift! Thanks for sharing that message.

  2. I have actually given books as a baby shower gift for a long time. The two  I usually give are "Pat the Bunny" by Dorothy Kunhardt and "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. The Kumhardt book is easy to read to a very young baby and it doesn't take many months for a baby to begin to "pat the bunny".  The Munsch book is as much for the parents as for the babies. At a baby shower I went to a couple of years ago, the mother opened the books and held them up. An older child in the room said "Hey ! I have those books!"   Of course she did. I'd attended the baby shower when HER  mother was pregnant for HER!

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