Onramp to the Road to Publication

Onramp to the Road to Publication

Oh that the day has dawned, ladies and gentlemen: a marketable manuscript of Blades of Grass is upon us!

My loyal readers will attest to this project’s nearly yearlong journey from a hurried NaNoWriMo attempt last November, to a scrapped and reimagined novel in the winter, to a revised and revised and revised final draft by summer’s end.

This week – after my gazillionth revision – I finally saw these elusive and sought-after words in my inbox from Steve, agent extraordinaire:

“I think this is ready to go.”

So while we may be at the end of agent-approved draft stage, we’re only at the beginning of the road to the store shelf. Steve will now begin sending the manuscript to editors with the goal of finding a publishing home.

And now this is where you all wish me luck in the comment feed below!

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