Stanzas 4: Together We Move On

Stanzas 4: Together We Move On

This is the fourth entry into Stanzas, a feature on the blog in which I share some of the poetry and lyrics I've written over the years, along with the stories of what inspired them.

Together We Move On

Don’t be afraid.
The stars are rearranging
And the moon at night
Will lead the way until the dawn.
The tears we cry
Form a river to the ocean.
Leave the past behind you,
Together we move on.
A new horizon
Is waiting somewhere in the distance.
We’ll sail upon the water
Until all the pain is gone.
The wind will keep our secret.
The mist, it never speaks a word.
So leave the past behind you,
Together we move on.
I wrote this in 1999, a very transitional year for me. I was starting to accept certain things about life and about myself. My worldview was changing ("The stars are rearranging"). It's yet another poem about escaping. There are some natural elements here – water, wind, mist. I was really into that sort of stuff at the time. This is a fairly simple one, but I think it says a lot. It's a favorite.

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